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Lago Vista High School Golf Rules and Procedures

Posted Wednesday, January 03, 2018 by Bryan Rogers

Hello and thank you for your interest in playing for the Lago Vista High School golf team.  The golf team at Lago Vista High School has been very successful in the past, due to many factors.  We have a great amount of support that comes from our community, our school, our coaches, our players, and our parents.  We have been represented at the state golf meet in Austin for 11 of the past 15 years


In order for this program to remain as successful as we want it to be, we must conduct ourselves as gentlemen, playing a “gentlemen’s game”.  The following is a list of Rules and Procedures that MUST be adhered to.  These rules and procedures are a compilation from the Lago Vista Golf Club, Lago Vista High School, and your coach. Please remember that the Lago Vista Municipal Golf Club (LVMGC) is NOT school property, and their continued use is contingent upon our good actions, attitudes, and behaviors during practices and tournaments throughout the season. 


Violation of ANY of these rules or procedures MAY result in disciplinary action.   Please read them carefully and make sure that you fully understand them prior to signing at the bottom of this document.  Both the student and a guardian must sign the Rules and Procedures in order to be allowed to represent our team.


Lago Vista High School Golf Team

Rules and Procedures


  1. All students must check into the golf shop prior to practicing or playing.  There will be a sign-in sheet located at the front desk.  Please notify the club staff that you will be practicing on the course.  Just signing the sheet and leaving is not acceptable; neither is having someone sign in for you. 
  2. Unexcused tardies and absences will NOT be tolerated. They will be documented and kept in a record.  Multiple unexcused tardies, absences, or the combination of the two (ie. One tardy and one absence) before a tournament MAY result in suspension of the athlete from that tournament.  
  3. Range balls are dispensed from the golf shop only, unless otherwise advised by the club staff or your coach.  Politely ask the club staff for balls.  They are providing the team a service and require a certain level of respect.  No rude comments will be tolerated.
  4. Students are not allowed in the cart barn area.
  5. Students must hit from designated areas only when practicing.  Range may be limited to irons only when the tee boxes are on the front tee area.  Hitting balls in front of, behind, or outside of the marked area (the ropes) will NOT be tolerated, unless given specific instructions to do so by either the coach or the club staff.
  6. Maximum of four students allowed per group when playing.   
  7. Students are not allowed to operate or ride in golf carts (including private carts) at any time during practice or tournaments without special permission due to a disability. 
  8. Misconduct could result in suspension or loss of privileges to be determined by Lago Vista athletics.  If a student is suspended by the course, the student will be suspended from any tournaments until the suspension has been lifted.
  9. All golfers are required to wear appropriate golf attire.  Collared shirts required.  No cut-offs, tee shirts, or tank tops.  Soft spikes or tennis shoes required.  Clothing will be checked daily and any student who is in violation may be sent home from practice.
  10. In case of course closure, the coach will notify the students that practice has been cancelled.
  11. Each golfer must play out of his/her own bag.  (No club-sharing.  It is illegal in tournaments; therefore it is illegal at practice, unless the coach gives his permission.)
  12. All students and coaches must repair their ball marks on greens, rake bunkers, and replace divots.
  13. Please respect the property rights of homeowners.  Stay out of backyards in and around the golf course.   Violators will be sent home from practice immediately.
  14. The Rules of Golf (current edition) as published by the United States Golf Association, except when amended by local rules, are the accepted rules of play for the Lago Vista Golf Club.  Special rules may be applied on certain days for training purposes (ie. “Scramble Days”).  Each player MUST be aware of the proper rules, procedures, and penalties as described by the USGA.  Failure to know them does not excuse a player from being penalized for them. Complete rules can be obtained online at http://www.usga.org/Rules.aspx?id=7788#show=Rules.aspx%3Fid%3D7788.
  15. Please try to keep pace with the group in front of you by playing “Ready Golf”.  “Ready Golf” shall mean that you have your yardage to the hole and club selection in hand before it is your turn to play.  Groups that fall behind may be requested to pick up and catch up.  If you are asked to pick up, your score for that hole will be assessed at 12 strokes during practice, and 9 strokes (or max allowed) during tournaments.
  16. There are no “gimme’s” in practice or tournaments. Failure to finish a hole constitutes a score of 12, during practice, and it is grounds for DISQUALIFICATION at tournaments and try-outs.   Failure to finish the hole is defined as picking your ball up prior to it falling into “the cup” after being struck by the face of a golf club.
  17. While away at tournaments, the local rules of the course and host school govern behavior and play.  They may be different to the rules that are stated in this document.
  18. If a complaint is made to the coach and/or the golf course about a particular student, the procedures and rules established in this document will be consulted and the coach will make a decision for disciplinary action.  The coach reserves the right to make that decision based on all information AVAILABLE, including, but not limited to, the student’s initial reactions, past offenses, remorsefulness of the act in question, time of the season, and level at which the offense occurred (individual, team, school, golf course, etc).  Each incident is considered unique, and shall be considered individually.
  19. Practice will be held daily at the Lago Vista Golf Course and Highland Lakes Golf Course, unless otherwise changed by the coach. Tournaments, generally run all day. Students are required to keep up with their assignments that are assigned or due the day of a golf-related absence.  Failure to keep up with assignments could result in suspension from future tournaments or practice.
  20. If a situation arises that requires an addition to, removal from, or change to these rules and procedures, the coach will notify the players as soon as reasonably possible.


By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the rules and procedures that are described in this document.



________________________________            ________________________________

Student’s name (please PRINT)                          Student’s  signature


________________________________                     ________________________________

Guardian’s name (please PRINT)                                   Guardian’s  signature

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